An Auston-engineered rooftop packaged air conditioner is a self-contained unit that is usually installed on the rooftop of a commercial building. The type of unit can be for cooling, heating, or a combination of both. Departmental stores, cinemas, and supermarkets are ideal buildings for this type of air conditioning. Installing this unit is economical because it is already factory tested and assembled by the time it arrived at the site.

As these units are installed outdoors, they must be designed to withstand tough conditions such as strong gusts of winds, rain, and direct sunlight. The paint coating used is of suitable grade to withstand these harsh weather conditions.

Our units are Robust, compact in Design, and are supplied in a complete package ready for operation

The packaged unit is assembled in a serviceable housing where all the components are installed. They include:
The Compressor
Condenser Fan
Check Valves
Expansion Valve
Evaporator Blower Fan
Drain Pan
Vibration Eliminators